Dipl.-Ing. Axel Krumwiede

Property valuation

Valuation of developed and undeveloped properties

  • Properties for evaluation include commercial properties (offices and logistic premises, production premises and small businesses), council housing, residential property (apartment blocks, multiple family residences, detached houses, freehold flats) and agricultural land.
  • In the evaluation of developed and undeveloped properties, I operate in legal proceedings, as well as out of court for private clients. My clients include courts for foreclosure, tutelage and domestic relations courts, and the appropriate courts at the county courts and court of appeal. My clients also include businesses, foundations, non-profit organisations and customers with private property.
  • My expertise is based on many years' experience as a surveyor in the property market and in architecture and engineering, on continuous professional development and membership of the Board of Property Experts for the districts of Wolfsburg, Celle, Gifhorn, Helmstedt.